New publication about the InterSensor Service in MDPI Sensors Journal


A new paper titled "Towards Establishing Cross-Platform Interoperability for Sensors in Smart Cities" has been published in MDPI Sensors journal. This paper was written by MSc. Kanishk Chaturvedi and Prof. Thomas H. Kolbe from the Chair of Geoinformatics and is available online.

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The paper is focused on establishing interoperability over heterogeneous sensor and IoT platforms being used in Smart Cities. It presents a new lightweight web service called "InterSensor Service" allowing to simply connect to multiple IoT platforms, simulation specific data, databases, and simple files (such as CSV) and retrieving their observations without worrying about data storage and the multitude of different APIs. The service encodes these observations “on-the-fly” according to the standardized external interfaces such as the OGC Sensor Observation Service and OGC SensorThings API. In this way, the heterogeneous observations can be analyzed and visualized in a unified way.

The Chair of Geoinformatics has developed a Java-based implementation of the InterSensor Service, which is being offered free as open source software.

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